Marika Blossfeldt

Marika Blossfeldt comes from a visual and performing arts background, having been a painter in the late 1970s in Berlin and a soloist in the New York dance scene in the 1980s and 1990s. She conceived and choreographed multimedia dance works and toured internationally in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

In her late thirties, she purchased a farm in her native country, Estonia and turned it into an art and wellness center, where she conducts yoga, wellness and cooking retreats during the summer months. As a passionate natural foods chef, she grows her own herbs and vegetables and personally oversees the quality and tastiness of all meals served to her guests.

Marika is the author of the awards winning cookbook/nutrition guide “Essential Nourishment, Recipes from My Estonian Farm”.

Fall through spring Marika spends in Beacon NY, where she offers wellness workshops, vegetarian cooking classes and one-on-one health coaching with a focus on integrating natural wholesome foods with a personal lifestyle that supports the whole being. She also develops online nutrition programs for her readership around the world.

 While living in NYC she took up a practice in Kundalini Yoga and studied to become a yoga teacher at Kundalini Yoga East. She has been teaching nationally and internationally for over 20 years.