Felicia Ballos

Felicia’s first memory is being mesmerized by her body moving in space as a toddler.  Her last name, Ballos, derives from the Greek verb “ballizo”, meaning to dance. From early on Felicia has been gathering movement concepts and forms to inform how she lives inside of her body.  Classically trained from an early age, Felicia departed from ballet to study modern dance at Columbia College, earning a BA in performance, choreography and teaching in 1998. From there she moved to NYC, where she was a scholarship student with the Trisha Brown Company.  While in NY, Felicia danced with many choreographers and projects, including Stanley Love Performance Group, WIL SWANSON / DANCEWORKS, White Oak Dance Project, Sarah White-Ayon, Nancy Garcia, Elisa Santiago, and Rebecca Brooks. Felicia’s own site specific work has been showcased internationally in both dance and visual art institutions. She was a cofounder of Champion Dance with Flora Wiegmann, a member of MGM Grand, a cofounder of Collective Settlement, as well as a regular contributor to AUNTS performances. Currently, Felicia lives with her family in Glenham and makes work in Beacon.

Throughout Felicia’s dance career, she has studied many movement forms to continuously explore the body. Immense influences on her kinesthetic understanding include butoh with Min Tanaka at his Body Weather Farm in Japan, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu with Grandmaster Alan Lee at the Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association (where she became an instructor),Yoga with Nevine Michaan at Katonah Yoga, T’ai Chi Qigong with Daria Fain in the COREMOTION program, and the anatomical and kinesthetic development of her own two young children.

T’ai Chi Qigong is Felicia’s current practice and passion.  She began studying this ancient form while learning Kung Fu.  Years later, her studies have deepened with Daria Fain and this energetic based art has helped her strengthen her body and mind.  Felicia is in love with how practical exercises and meditations from this practice connects our deepest places to the infinite, from bone marrow to stars.  Felicia loves to share this movement medicine, wanting to help others experience the strengthening and healing benefits.