Sara Hart

Sara Hart is fine artist-yogini who is grateful to have found a lifestyle that supports her creativity & spirituality, as well providing a professional holistic healing practice in the United States. Originally from the a small area outside NYC, Sara has traveled and studied Yoga in many places to help heal her own mind and body from complications of injuries, ptsd, and to gain better clarity and awareness in herself. Combining a Fine Art Degree and over 15 years of Yoga & a Crystal Healing practice,Sara is humbled and inspired to share this practice with others. She combines her studies in meditation, pranayama and spiritual philosophy with her study of asana and art to create a challenging and comprehensive asana practice that caters to creative professionals, athletes & trainers, teachers & leaders, and those healing from addiction and illness. Working with Sara you will experience inspiring words of wisdom for living in today’s world and a nurturing hands-on approach to alignment and energy healing with aromatherapy ad crystal energy healing to nurture and relax the mind bod and soul.