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Mādhūkāra: Find Your Inner Sweetness with Lynae Marie

Mādhūkāra: Find Your Inner Sweetness is a ritual process of finding your sweetness and infusing it into your daily practice. 

In this three hour workshop, we will delve into the Ayurvedic principles of Ojas (nectarean essence of the heart), then seal this delicious wisdom into our being through ritual art creation and an asana practice as slow and sweet as honey. In using movement, art and ritual, we learn to feel, honor and connect more deeply to our own inner rhythms.

Please bring a journal and writing tool.

Lynae Marie is a Yoga Guide, Usui/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Ritual Artisan. Her soul path calling is as a space holder for self-transformation, primarily working with women and a personal soft spot for new mamas. Her life has been a fierce journey of death/rebirth cycles, living many lives within the one. Her journey began with a calling to the Peruvian jungle, where she began her Shamanic training in her early 20’s, and has led to nearly a decade of work with sacred cacao, plant spirit medicine, women’s moon circles, and ritual design. Her passion and interest in ancient wisdom and illuminated truths, led her to pursue training as a yoga witch, at Living Mandala School of Yoga and Reiki. Her offerings are based in Tantrik Philosophy and the alchemy of movement, creativity and ritual.