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Shamanic Breathwork-Sound Healing with Rob Heffernan


This is an invitation to engage in a Shamanic Breathwork-Sound Healing session. Shamanic Breathwork draws on the wisdom of shamanic practices, contemporary psycho-spiritual models and transpersonal psychology.The aim is to allow a natural entrancing and altered state of body, heart and mind that facilities healing, insight, exploration and empowerment. The breathwork will involve laying down on mats, wearing eyeshades and engaging in deep rhythmic breathing while specially programmed recorded music is played. Before and after the facilitator will work with a number of instruments (flutes, singing bowls, voice…) to draw us into and out of the breathwork. 

There will be a  30 minute introduction and instruction. The breath and sound work session will last about 90 minutes after which we’ll share in a circle and then connect over refreshments and friendship. 

Rob Heffernan is a certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and a certified Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner. He also has a long term involvement in the study and practice of Buddhist Dharma and is  engaged in the integration of dharma, breath/sound work and sacred medicine.