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Introduction to Ayurveda & Maintaining Balance in the Winter w/ Liz Fullerton

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Āyurveda Workshop

Introduction to Āyurveda and Maintaining Balance in the Winter

Date: Sunday, December 9

Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Investment $45

Each participant receives a sample bottle of Ayurvedic massage oil

 The medicine is the truth of you. One of the simplest ways to protect your wellbeing is by balancing your lifestyle and food choices with the environment around you in order to avoid seasonally induced imbalances in your body and mind. Come learn about yoga’s sister science, Āyurveda—the oldest continually practiced health care system in the world—and how to promote balance by using its principles. The first half of this three-hour workshop will introduce the fundamentals of Āyurveda including how to identify the five elements in your food, in the environment and in your own unique constitution. The second half will outline tools to stay balanced in the colder months. We will learn how to stay in rhythm with nature through a daily Āyurvedic routine and seasonal meal planning. You will leave equipped with accessible and systematic ways of balancing yourself. No prior experience of Āyurveda or yoga necessary, all are welcome.

About the presenterLiz Fullerton is an Āyurvedic Health Counselor, certified by the Kripalu School of Āyurveda. She is a Registered Nurse dedicated to reproductive justice and is currently becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In addition to teaching Āyurveda, Liz is launching an integrative practice, Ofrenda Āyurveda, which offers in-home Āyurvedic support and cooking for people/families during the postpartum, post-abortion and post-pregnancy loss time. She is a labor doula and a musician working and living in Philadelphia. The Āyurvedic definition of health in Sanskrit is ‘Swastha’, which means to be seated in one’s self. Liz believes that through Āyurveda you will be brought closer to your own nature and unique understanding of health.