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Listening to Feminine Desire with Carrie Firestone


Listening to Feminine Desire
This workshop is a celebratory exploration of feminine desire as the motivating force that inspires creation. By shifting our attention away from production and results, we will tune into the hidden power that fuels the process of becoming. We will tune into the wisdom of our bodies and explore feminine ways of feeling, moving, and being through intuitive movement, guided visualization, ritual, and deep rest. Open to everyone; no movement experience required.

Carrie is a lifelong student of movement. She loves the feeling of freedom that comes from being fully present in a physical practice. She grew up studying classical and contemporary ballet (plus a little jazz, tap and modern for good measure), and on a quest for greater flexibility began practicing hot yoga as a teenager. She attended her first yoga teacher training in 2006, after which she moved to New York City to teach and practice while also attending NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she studied the role of the body in mental and emotional healing. After graduation, she explored the vast yoga landscape of the city until a friend introduced her to the wild world of circus arts. She studied contortion and partner acrobatics intensively for two years, before realizing that she did not in fact want to run away with the circus. Instead, she moved upstate with her husband, Ezra, and cat, Sophie. Her current practice is focused on listening to the wisdom of her body through intuitive movement and Qoya, a class for women based on the idea that through movement we remember that our essence is wise, wild, and free.