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Embodied Heart: Exploring the Ethical Teachings of Yoga and Buddhism with Sarah Capua

Ethics are not rules to live by or fit ourselves into. They are about more than simple right and wrong. Ethics are lenses through which we see how our actions show up in the world.  These teachings prompt us to look at our complicated, nuanced, and modern lives through the view of interconnection to see the places where we can enact our hearts in the outer world. Many of us today are overwhelmed by the need for goodness in the world, and exhausted by the frustrating question, "what can I do?" This series aims to illuminate how the ethical teachings can be a support for us as we strive to be of service in the world, with our loved ones, and our community. Join Sarah for this five part series diving deep into each Yama from both the yogic and Buddhist perspective and explore how each one lives out in our daily lives, our relationships, and in the grander world we share.

Sarah Capua is a yoga therapist, a student of Buddhism and classical yogic practice, and a caregiver. The heart of her practice is rooted in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, who emphasized individualized practice and believed that yoga should be adapted to foster self inquiry and personal transformation. She has studied deeply in this tradition at KYM in Chennai, with her teacher Danielle Tarantola, and many senior teachers of this lineage. She also studies Buddhism with Michael Stone, and is an end-of-life doula and Chaplain studying under Zen Buddhist Reverend Trudi Hirsch.