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Prenatal Yoga, an 8-Week Series with Samantha Fulton

8-week Prenatal Yoga Series at Beacon Yoga

Thursdays 11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m., September 13 through November 1

$160 for series

The intention of this series is to offer mothers to be: 

  • basic understanding of their own pregnant body and its needs, as they approach labor/delivery

  • ways to SAFELY strengthen and release muscle groups in the body that may need it particularly during pregnancy

  • means of feeling physically stronger overall, especially in the core, pelvis, and legs

  • tools to address any minor aches/pains or imbalances related to pregnancy and changing body

  • tools to address any minor anxiety/stress related to the anticipation of birth, or preparation for motherhood

  • a familiar and easily accessible routine you can continue with up until delivery

  • meaningful connections with other mothers-to-be (as well as myself), to use as resources and support systems

  • means to be more educated, empowered, and prepared for the birth experience that *YOU CHOOSE*

  • *an EMPOWERED birth does not mean anything else than an experience with choices that come from a well educated, unfearful, advocative mother and/or father*

Samantha Fulton, MSPT, E-RYT is an experienced physical therapist and yoga teacher in the Hudson Valley. When not teaching group classes, she works privately out of her home offering a variety of modalities to those with injuries, limitations, and those who are pregnant. Samantha has taught prenatal yoga both privately, and in class settings, as well as offered the topic to other teachers as part of their certifications. In addition to prenatal, she has taught anatomy, injury management, philosophy, and several other topics in various yoga teacher trainings. Samantha is also a mother of 2 children, and offers much of her guidance from that place of direct experience. Please email her with any questions:, or to learn more about her please visit her website: