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Music of The Heart: A Bhakti Yoga Experience with Darren Marc


 Every heart has a song to sing.  When that song is offered with love and devotion, we invoke the spirit of Bhakti: the yoga of love and devotion.  The ancient path of Bhakti yoga draws on Kirtan (call and response singing), japa (mantra recitation), prayer, meditation, and other art forms to awaken the heart.  As we awaken the heart, we find greater meaning in our lives and connect to the divinity that is within us and all around us.  In this workshop, we devote ourselves to sacred time for soul nourishment which includes gentle yoga, call and response singing, and other fun Bhakti practices that celebrate the divine in all it's forms.  No prior musical experience is required and you do not have to consider yourself a singer to participate and enjoy.  

Darren Marc is a NYC based Bhakti yoga teacher, mantra music artist, and reiki master.  His vision is to inspire and awaken joy, divine connection, wisdom, and love in all.  His book, 'Create Your Dream Life Now' is being published by HCI books in the fall of 2018.