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Money Mindset & The Chakras with Amy Soucy & Sarah Mac

MONEY MINDSET and the CHAKRAS is a double bill combining a mindset workshop with yoga to provide you with an in-depth understanding about how each of the emotional centers of the body connects to your ability to create wealth in your life. 

We'll uncover the connection between your emotional health and your wealth, providing you with both a powerful understanding and impactful tools to transform your relationship with money. 

SARAH MAC is a Writer and Mindset Coach who works with artists, coaches and healers who want more money, freedom and fun in life and business. She does this through money mindset coaching and intuitive business strategy. Originally from the UK, Sarah is now based in Montreal and New York. She's also a song lyricist, a rapper, dancer and video artist. 

AMY SOUCY is a NYC and Hudson Valley-­based instructor, skilled facilitator and retreat leader, teacher-trainer, and singer-songwriter committed to offering accessible, creative, and transformative healing experiences to people of all ages. Her teaching is grounded in 13+ years of mindfulness practice, extensive training in a range of methods and modalities, and a performing arts background. Amy also facilitates movement and mindfulness experiences for group events and conferences, including TEDxLongDock and Social Venture Institute / Hudson Valley (at Omega Institute), and leads annual yoga retreats in the Hudson Valley and internationally.