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Ballwork Bliss! The Yoga of Self-Massage w/ Amy Soucy

Ballwork Hips.jpg

Investment $35

Part 2, Lower Body, Sunday March 31st, 1-3pm

Self-massage & myofascial release promote ease of movement, ease of breath, relief from chronic pain, and aid in deep stress relief  inviting renewed health and vitality!  

Transform your tension and take your yoga practice higher, develop and deepen your ability to relax and receive with this complimentary practice. Ballwork is similar to using foam rollers at the gym — but much more meditative. We use rubber balls of varying sizes and textures to stretch tense muscles and release fascia (connective tissue). The pressure created by placing the ball between your body and a hard surface such as the floor, a wall or another body part creates the optimal conditions for tension and stress-release. 

Said simply, it's self-massage using toys as our tools! 

Ballwork is for everyone, but especially you IF...

  • You're one of the many who suffer from chronic pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, or hips. 

  • You've ever wondered why no amount of yoga, exercise, or even massage seem to fully relieve pain and tension.

  • You want to experience more ease in your movement and ease of breath.

  • You desire a self-directed, portable practice you can do on your own, at home or while traveling. 

  • You desire a deeper connection to your postural and movement habits, and your breath. 

  • You wish to develop and deepen a practice of embodied self-awareness – uncovering the layers of thought and emotion that become embedded (and sometimes trapped) in our physical structure.