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Hypnotherapy with Karen Cantrell

Friday, May 24 and May 31 from 7pm- 8:30pm

$40 per session

 If you have tried to clear an issue without complete success, or wondered how to better channel the synchronicities and signs that appear along your path, you may want to consider hypnosis as a way to release old patterns, grow spiritually, achieve freedom from the conditioned mind, and connect you with your inner guides.

 Over three sessions, you will learn what hypnosis is - a natural but altered state of mind - and what it is not - mind control, and how affirmations and self-hypnosis techniques provide you with the tools to design your own imagery and self-heal.

 The process includes responsiveness exercises to gradually introduce the process and demonstrate how affirmations help you articulate and support your life goals. As you deepen your comfort level, you will be guided to release things that no longer serve you. The last session is a regression to help you discover your life’s purpose. Each session includes time for processing afterward.

 Please bring a notebook in which to write your affirmations and process the imagery or messages received.Wear comfortable clothing or clothing that can be loosened. You want to be able to relax.

 Karen J. Cantrell is a long-time yoga practitioner and has a certification in hypnotherapy from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. She is available for one-on-one consultations.