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Expanding Consciousness through Sound with Abigail Elizabeth & Patrick Millard


The universe is made of energy.... so says Albert Einstein. Whether we perceive something only has to do with how dense the vibration is. Allow yourself to open to new potentiality of self, soul, and interconnectivity as you increase your vibration (decrease your density!) with breathwork and sound. Through the deep listening of overtone-emiting instruments such as singing bowls, Koshi chimes, gongs, the vibration of our own voices resonanting together in sacred calling, and breathwork to fully disengage our ingrained tensions and our conscious mind, we are capable of experiencing the unexpected: the interdimensionality and timelessness of sound, and our radical capacity to heal ourselves.

Abigail Elizabeth is a sound meditation practitioner and vibrational chanting goddess of many modalities. She welcomes you to let the outside chatter go and look inward to experience the divine vibrations of the universe within and without, creating space to expand and attune consciousness, and freely expressing your truth through your voice. Trained as a classical cellist and opera singer, Abigail has appeared at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall in New York City, and internationally in Paris, Milan, Australia, and Hong Kong. She is dedictated to bringing her sound, in whatever form, forward into the world to increase awareness of the soul's inner truth: that the universe is within each of us, and we are all connected. As a sound practitioner, Abigail tours regularly to Houston and Montreal, and is settling into her local practice in the Hudson Valley. She lives in Cornwall-on-Hudson with her husband and kitty.

Patrick Millard has been working with Sound for nearly three years in various forms and has studied under David and Elian Zach-Shemesh, Alexander Tannous, Mitch Nur, Josh Peck, and Jarrod Byrne Mayer. He brings his ever-expanding knowledge of eastern philosophies and ancient practices through a western-focused lens, facilitating with emerging sound therapy techniques backed by leading research in the field. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and  guides sound and yoga experiences at WOOM Center. 

Patrick began his sound practice out of his love for music and the vast array of tones and colors it can produce. Quickly, he began to see just how powerful utilizing these intentional frequencies could be, adding an enriched depth to the foundation of his commitment toward exploring consciousness, self inquiry and creativity. Patrick loves to watch his students and fellow practitioners navigating and redefining their own connection to themselves and each other through the very fabric of all existence, vibration.