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Inversion and Pranayama Workshops with Tim Groen

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Upside Down - Inversions For All

Saturday 4-6pm

In this fun two-hour inversion workshop you'll get to work on your confidence and skills in a variety of  postures. Any time we practice postures where the heart is placed higher than the head, we are in an inversion. These satisfying, but sometimes tricky postures add a new perspective, stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, are good for the heart, have a calming effect and strengthen the core, among many other benefits.

Advanced Yoga teacher TIm Groen (RYT 500) breaks down the exhilarating practice of inversions of all shapes; we'll practice more basic upside-downs, such as wide legged forward fold, as well as arm balances (crow), and from there we’ll move on to more complex poses; the set-up for handstand, and the tripod headstand with leg variations, and more.

Using the wall and some partner work, you'll build confidence and walk away with tools for strength building and safe alignment.

Yoga Level: ‘Upside Down' is for experienced beginners and advanced practitioners.

Breath of Yoga, Deepen Your Practice with Pranayama

Sunday 3-5pm

Pranayama is the dosing, timing and regulating of the breath, in order to control the flow of Prana, or life force, in your system. During an all-level, deep Hatha Yoga class, Tim Groen (RYT 500) will guide you through the fundamentals of Pranayama - Yogic breathing.  The practice of asanas removes the obstacles to the flow of prana and the practice of pranayama regulates that flow; that is why the two have been practiced together for many thousands of years. The basic pranayama techniques ujjayi, dirgha svasam, kapalabhati, and nadi suddhi, along with some others, are demonstrated, explained  and practiced in detail. You’ll find the practices comfortable and joyful, and will learn to use the prana for calming, deepening, and strengthening. 

“It is Prana that moves the mind. Control of Prana means control of the mind. If you can control the external breath, you can easily control the inner vital force, prana.” Swami Sivananda

This workshop/class concludes with Yoga Nidra, or deep relaxation, and a breath-centered meditation.

Yoga Level: Some Yoga experience required.

Tim is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and an advanced Hatha Yoga teacher (RYT 500) based in NYC. He first started practicing yoga in the late 1990’s. Since then he has trained in Maharashtra, India (for Jivamukti), and in Rishikesh, India to teach classical Hatha Yoga and to instruct meditation. His initial classical training abroad was followed by Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga teacher trainings at Integral Yoga Institute of New York (established in 1967 by Sri Swami Satchidananda). Tim is also a certified Raja Yoga teacher. Raja Yoga is the branch of Yoga which deals with the teachings in the Yoga Sutras.