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Have you ever had unexplained depression, anxiety, financial challenges, unfulfilled relationships? And even though you are doing your best to heal this discomfort and/or toxic behavior, you keep repeating the same pattern and story line, over and over again?

Our family system/story can unknowingly hold us back from ‘playing big’ in our life.

In this workshop, Marine Sélénée will offer effective tools to identify subconscious blocks, inherited patterns and repetitive behaviors - allowing you to finally break free from your lineage and so living a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

This powerful work assists in creating positive shifts in:

· Relationships
· Success in life
· Recurring emotions (depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, feeling unworthy or unrooted, blockages, stagnation etc.)
· Achieving life goals
· Finances
· Unexplained symptoms
· Health
· Self-sabotage
· Infertility
· Addictions etc.

Some of the Benefits of Family Constellations:

· Improving your relationships (parents, partner, children, colleagues, etc.)
· Turning your past into a source of strength
· Acquiring a healing inner image of your family
· Freeing you and your descendants from invisible burdens
· Transforming your blockages and self-sabotage
· Increasing your empathy, love and compassion for yourself and others
· Opening your heart to love

Marine Sélénée is a New York based Family Constellations therapist. She is the author of The Movement, which chronicles her path of personal healing through Family Constellations Therapy. She also speaks on panel discussions and at conferences delivering motivational speeches. And, since 2019 she is one of the Goop talents for Goop Health.

Her unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. Her clients are able to get to the root of their pain, in order to not only heal themselves, but the generations before and after them.

Her greatest passion is sharing the transformative power of Family Constellations.
IG: marineselenee
FB: marineselenee