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Beyond Asana With Tim Groen and Paul Sireci


Beyond Asana

Saturday 10/12 2-5pm

Join Tim Groen (RYT-500, YACEP), Jivamukti Yoga and advanced Yoga teacher, and Paul Sireci, meditation instructor, psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, for a special three hour immersion in which you’ll learn about tools that will help you deepen your practice on all levels.

Tim and Paul are each experienced teachers who will complement each other; dive deeper into your Yoga practice with Tim, and then let Paul increase your skill set for working with your own mind.

This immersion includes an all-level yoga class during which we’ll explore key philosophical principles and attitudes from the centuries-old Yoga Sutras. For example, we will practice the Yamas and Niyamas by applying 'contentment' and ’non-violence,’ and ease into postures with 'Pratipaksha Bhavana', or the letting go of any hindering thoughts of self-judgement. All of these techniques were handed down to us thousands of years ago by the Yoga sage Patanjali, and have been applied by Yogis ever since.

Adhering to the classical order of asanas followed by meditation, the second part of the immersion will be led by Paul, with whom meditation techniques based on the classical Four Foundations of Mindfulness shared by all Buddhist traditions. We will practice more actively becoming good friends to our minds in order to make them better allies to us in our everyday lives. Structure: starting with a yoga class and yoga Nidra, then a break for tea and a vegan cookie, then an in-depth exploration of meditation techniques, and actual meditation sessions.

Yoga Alliance (YA): Approximately 1.5 contact hours

Paul Sireci has been practicing Buddhism and meditation since 1996. He is rooted in the Tibetan tradition, in which he lived as a monk for several years, but has also studied intensively with Zen and Vipassana teachers. In contrast to approaches to meditation that reinforce individualism and a spirit of productivity, he sees the Dharma as a set of tools to awake to greater connectedness and caring for oneself and others.

Tim Groen (RYT-500) is an Amsterdam born, New York City-based Jivamukti Yoga and advanced Hatha Yoga teacher. He finished various trainings, all based on classical yoga lineage. Tim has led the public meditations in New York’s High Line park for three years, and earlier this year he spent ten weeks in India, teaching and complete more training. With warmth, humor and attention for each student, he likes to get you into variations that are new and challenging - but he also deepens the poses you’re familiar with.